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Snail Kite

In the biological world, if you are adapted to a live and depend upon a specific habitat or have evolved to feed on a specific kind of food, you are called a species specialist. Conversely, if you are not adapted to a specific habitat or food, you are called a species generalist.


Pine Marten

Standing in hip deep snow while watching the sunset over the snow covered mountains, I could hear the howling of 4 wolves in the distance. Yellowstone in winter is a magical place. Filled with all the animals that a healthy ecosystem should possess. From the top tier predators such as wolves,...

Star-nosed Mole

Over the past 30 years I've had many chances to study and photograph all sorts of critters. From tiny shrews to massive moose. But there are a few critters that I still haven't had a chance to photograph and get to know. While out for a walk recently on a wintery day with a friend we happened...

Moose Crossing

Early one morning (4:am) in a small town in western Wyoming I had stopped at a local breakfast diner to grab a bite to eat before a long day. Over my eggs and toast I was contemplating which route I was going to take to get to my final destination. I had just 250 miles to go but a large mountain...

Winter Beaver

On my recent Wyoming mountain adventure to study and photograph Bighorn Sheep, one afternoon I was thrilled to find an American Beaver (Castor canadensis) along a frozen mountain stream. The temperature was below freezing, no wind and a light snow was falling. Perfect winter weather but that...

Bighorn Sheep

It was a picture perfect winter day. The sky had a thin veil of clouds that would occasionally spit out large fluffy snowflakes drifting straight down to the ground as if in slow motion. At other times the sun would peak out. The temperature was well below zero and the best part was, there was...

White Meat or Dark?

            I am writing this just after eating Thanksgiving dinner with my family and I am wondering just how many people have given any thought to the turkey they just ate? What I mean is, does anyone think about why there is white meat and dark meat in a...

Wild Turkey

Autumn is a wonderful time of year. It keeps a wildlife photographer and nature nut like myself very busy. Our extra mild fall weather has extended my wildlife photography season in addition it has made it so much more comfortable to be outside. With the election behind us, I am really looking...

Yellow-bellied Marmot

Yes, I admit it, I am a nut about nature. Not just the big amazing birds and animals such as eagles and bears, but the small critters too. I realized this (again) on my recent trip to Colorado. I had stopped along a steep mountain road and just below me was several Yellow-bellied Marmots...

Elk Rut and Fight

Sounding determined and confident, a large bull elk, most likely weighing 1,200 pounds or more, bellowed and bugled right in front of me. His back arched and head held upward, mouth pursed in a funnel shape with his antlers flanking his strong shoulders. The sound of his bugling echoes off the...

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