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    Stan is proud to offer two different world-class Wildlife Photography Tours during June and July, 2016 in Minnesota's lake country.

    Dates are limited.

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    Stan has written and photographed over a hundred state-by-state field guides and other books on nature.

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I’ve been sitting for hours, driving for days and staring through binoculars at distant hillsides for longer than I can remember, searching for the elusive bobcat (Lynx rufus), the smallest...

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Gee-whiz Nature Facts

Cougars hunt during the night or day, concentrating mostly on large mammals such as White-tailed Deer, but will take just about any mammal they can catch.They are not long distance runners, so Cougars rely on stealth and stalking their prey then spring or pouncing, often from trees or other elevated surface.

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Wildlife Photography Tours

During June and July, Stan Tekiela is proud to offer a world-class loon photography tours.

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Do you have any interesting wildlife in your backyard? Any nesting birds, deer, turkeys, reptiles, amphibians, or other unique wildlife? Or maybe a fox or coyote den?

If so, contact Stan at stan@naturesmart.com with your backyard wildlife. If he can get a good photo of the subject, he will send you a print of the photo to hang on your wall.

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Stan can be heard all across the Midwest.
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