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Prairie Chickens  


I've been spending a lot of time this spring filming some of the most strange and unusual mating rituals of the bird world. First I spent several...

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Gee-whiz Nature Facts

In spring, both the male and female Mourning Doves will build an incredibly flimsy stick nest. In fact, many of the nests are so flimsy, they are blown down in even the mildest storms. Like other doves, the female lays only 2 white, unmarked eggs. The male incubates during the day while the female takes over for the night shift. It takes just over a week for the eggs to hatch.

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Wildlife Photography Tours

During June and July, Stan Tekiela is proud to offer a world-class loon photography tours.

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Do you have any interesting wildlife in your backyard? Any nesting birds, deer, turkeys, reptiles, amphibians, or other unique wildlife? Or maybe a fox or coyote den?

If so, contact Stan at stan@naturesmart.com with your backyard wildlife. If he can get a good photo of the subject, he will send you a print of the photo to hang on your wall.

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